We create digital solutions to scale your business

Web scraping

Complete web scraping services for any size business:

Distributed proxy service
It is for ban-free scraping. This service allows our clients to prevent getting blacklisted while scraping. The solution is based on our custom framework for distributed computing (FarCall)

Intelligent Data Extractor
Automatic data extraction about any products for any web-page. Product aggregation and price monitoring for retail, e-commerce & manufacturers

Data Juggler
Solution for ETL and data matching



Real-time recommendation systems
For retail and tourism sectors (try it now: Smart trip bot ) We develop models for predictive analysis based on Machine Learning.

Social Network Intelligence & Sales Intelligence
We collect data from social networks and outlets to create the most accurate models.

Blockchain analytics
Collect data form different marketplaces Fraud detection & KYC support


We are making chatbots for most popular messengers (Telegram, Skype, Viber)